Rapid development of aluminum panel


In our country, aluminum building products start relatively late, but in advanced countries, aluminum curtain wall panels already have decades of history. With the development of reform and opening up, China has a rapid development in aluminum building materials in recent years.

High building is under various loads, mosaic is heavy and would increase the weight, and it is easy to fall off because of big wind pressure. If the hardness of the curtain wall materials are not strong enough, they will become deformed because expansion caused by heat and contraction caused by cold. Aluminum curtain wall panel, with its features of light weight, good intensity and excellent weather resistance have the edge on the use of the high rise building.

Aluminum veneer are widely used in high rise buildings based on its unique advantages. It makes our high rise buildings more colorful and beautiful with various of colors, patterns and design.

Thanks to the development and the enhancement of the production process, equipment, management and application level, aluminum panel as one kind of high quality curtain wall building material and building decorative material have a rapid development and receive more and more great attention from all sectors of society.


Post time: Sep-07-2021