Infinitus Plaza

Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza is located in Baiyun New Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. It was designed by the world's top and famous architect, who known as the "Queen of curves"--- Zaha Hadid.

Infinitus Plaza connects the two areas in the form of a series of "infinite rings", like "∞", it surrounds the central garden to form an open communication area and introduces lots of natural light into the interior, that is good for environment, energy-saving and close to nature.

All the aluminum curtain wall panels for Infinitus Plaza are offered by our company---Yingjiwei building materials factory. The aluminum alloy for the plaza are mainly 3003 H24 and 5083. To gurantee the panel quality, thickness of the facade are requested to use 4.0mm and 5.0mm aluminum high quality plate. Surface treatment of PVDF multicolor coating for all the panels prevent the which from the acid rain, cold and hot weather, and ensure the products durable and stay good looking.

Its novel, creative design and strictly quality control standard increase the difficulty of processing the aluminum panels, but have been adhering to the never give up attitude, research and hard working continuously, we eventually fix those problems one by one. To show our production ability, emphasis on quality and sincerity to customer, we even separate one new production line for this project. Exclusive customer service, independent production line, rapid response team for the design, production and on site installation problem, all of which are highly praised and recognized by the team of Zaha Design Institute and customer.

Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza project is about to completed, it would become a new landmark of Guangzhou and one of the outstanding projects in the world.

As for our factory, we are ready for the new challenge for any project, difficulty would not beat us, but help us become stronger and more powerfull. Where there is a will, there is Yingjiwei.

Post time: Mar-24-2021