Carved panel-YA203

Short Description:

Advantages of aluminum carved decorative wall panels:

1. Lightweight materials, high precision

2. Can make any pattern, no need to open the mold.

3. Easy to clean

4. A variety of colors for your choice

Product Detail

Application of aluminum carved decorative panel:

1. Curtain wall and exterior wall decoration

2. Fake ceiling hanging

3. The screen

4. Large buildings

5. Column decoration

Schools, hospitals

7. Shopping centers

Powdered coated engraved aluminum panels can be processed into a variety of specifications and shapes of non-standard aluminum veneers, and * can be customized into a variety of designs, such as ceilings, curtain walls and pillars, according to the designer's requirements.

Types of punching art veneer: pattern punching, forming punching, heavy punching, ultra thin punching, micro hole punching, line cutting punching, laser punching, etc.

We respect nature and conform to the high-quality design concept of nature. When industrialization and urbanization have changed our living environment, our artisans strive to find a balanced and self-renewing environment, reproduce the second nature, and beautify our living environment. Such as carved paintings unique urban characteristic culture, characteristic architecture, characteristic landscape, characteristic spirit. Our artisans carefully record the change of the city.           

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