Carved panel-YA202

Short Description:

1. Lightweight materials, high precision

2. Can make any pattern, no need to open the mold.

3. Easy to clean

4. A variety of colors for your choice

5. Good

6. The strength is better than the aluminum plastic board

7. Low production cost, saving more materials

Product Detail

Features of aluminum carved panel

1. Light weight, high rigidity and strength.

2. Good weather resistance and anti-corrosiveness properties.

3. It can be processed into complicated shapes as per design

4. Multicolors to choose.  

5. Easy to clean and maintain.

6. Convenient to install.

7. Environmental friendly, can be 100% recycled.

Aluminum carved panel is processed with various hole or different patterns on aluminum plates by carving machine. Through carving processing, flat aluminum platescan be continuously extended with the sense of space and have the functions of light transmission and ventilation. The changes and matches of different exterior enviroment for the special treatment, making the line more lively and elegant. Unlike traditional modeling concept, it is more suitable for various modern clubs, home decor and offices.

Types of punching art veneer: pattern punching, forming punching, heavy punching, ultra thin punching, micro hole punching, line cutting punching, laser punching, etc.

We respect nature and conform to the high-quality design concept of nature. When industrialization and urbanization have changed our living environment, our artisans strive to find a balanced and self-renewing environment, reproduce the second nature, and beautify our living environment. Such as carved paintings unique urban characteristic culture, characteristic architecture, characteristic landscape, characteristic spirit. Our artisans carefully record the change of the city.           

Product name Aluminum carved panel
Item No. YA202
Material Aluminum
Aluminum alloy 1100 H24 / 3003 H24 / 5005
Surface treatment PVDF coating / Powder coating / Anodized
Colour Any RAL color, solid colors, metallic colors
Thickness 2.0mm / 2.5mm / 3.0mm / 4.0mm / 5.0mm
Size 600 x 600mm / 600 x 1200mm / 1300 x 4000mm / customized size
Packaging Standard export wood crate
Processing methods Slotting, cutting, folding, bending, curving, welding, reinforced, grinding, painting and packaging.
Applications Suitable for indoor and outdoor, beams and columns, balconies, awnings, lobby facade, hotel, hospital, residential building, villa, station, gymnasium, airport, shopping mall, opera, stadiums , office building and skyscraper

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