Aluminum panel-YA102

Short Description:

High-grade and luxuriant pattern, vivid color and texture, solid and wear-resistant pattern, non-formaldehyde, non-toxic, non-release of harmful gas.

There is no need to worry about the odors created by the paint and glue after decorating. With its excellent quality, it is the first choice for high-end architectural decoration.

Product Detail

What are the advantages of aluminum panels?

● In terms of recovery and preservation value, the recovery value is 80% of the value of aluminum ingots, which is 9000 yuan per ton at present. Colored steel plates have little recycling value.

● Low maintenance cost, corrosion resistance, no rust, low maintenance cost.

● The construction cost is low, the quantity is light, the density is 2690KG/cubic meter, reduces the weight, reduces the weight cost of the overall building structure material.

Fire safety, low melting point 650 degrees Celsius, in case of fire, the roof is easy to burn, help to extinguish the fire, can reduce the loss caused by the fire, and avoid the horizontal spread of the fire.


Additional advantages:

no rust, no dust, no water, improve the production environment, provide an effective guarantee for the quality of products. It does not stop working and producing because of the replacement of walls and roofs, thus improving production efficiency.

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